Monday, November 8, 2010

President's Day

Title: President's Day
Author: Anne Rockwell
Illustrator: Lizzy Rockwell
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Age Group: Lower Elementary
Rating: 4 Stars

President's Day, another holiday themed book from the Anne Rockwell collection, is a story about students performing a play about the presidents of the United States.  The reader, through the story, is able to gain information on the different presidents, whose names appear in bold and red/blue font on the pages in the text.  The images, much alike the others in her series, are done in bright and bold colors, and in cartoon form.  They take up the entire page, making this book perfect for a Big Book or read aloud in a classroom.

I think that this book is perfect for a classroom that is learning about the presidents.  It is a fun way to interact with the students, and have them learn some interesting facts at the same time.  It seems to be targeted at younger elementary students, as the text is simple and to-the-point, with sentences on the shorter side.  Thus, this book would be great for younger readers.

Another thing that the students might enjoy with the use of this book, would be doing a similar role-play project.  Although the students in the story do an organized and formal play, there are smaller and more short-term projects discussed in the story (such as paper mache Mt. Rushmore).  Doing some of these activities, or simply reading the book aloud to a classroom, would be a great way for student's to learn about the past presidents of our United States.

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